A drawn picture of a nearly bald man wearing circular red glasses and a green shirt with a white jumper on top. Working as a treasurer for the charity.

Nigel Reed

How long have I been associated with the charity?

I joined Band Without Boundaries in 2012 and became a founder trustee of the charity in 2018.

How I am involved in the charity:

I am a trustee and play a tenor sax in BwB.

I am committed to the idea that everybody has a mixture of disabilities and abilities and think AwB is the best way to demonstrate we can all learn from each other.

My background:

I used to be a draughtsman in the construction industry and then moved on to teach engineering drawing for the Royal Engineers. I am now retired.

What attracted me to working with Arts Without Boundaries:

I like the way our charity is fully inclusive, with everybody working together to produce the final project


Producing visual art, walking, kayaking, playing the saxophone.