Our Story

Arts Without Boundaries (AwB) was developed from Band without Boundaries (BwB) which was formed in 2011.

BwB originated as a partnership with Community Futures Kent who were supporting the social inclusion of people with learning disabilities in Kent and the South East. The band is an accessible community music group whose members include both disabled and non-disabled participants with an age span of eight decades and a shared passion for music. Together with our members we learned and developed inclusive ways of creating and performing a high standard of music. We also recognise the importance of social interaction, having fun and the benefits for health and well being.

In December 2018 we became registered as a charity with the aim of expanding BwB and developing our successful, inclusive model across the arts.

In 2019 our charity won two awards in recognition of our achievements: The Sevenoaks District Equalities Champion and the Gerald Turley Award.

Our Vision

is a world where disabled people and those facing social isolation participate fully in society and are recognised for the talent and diversity they bring to our vibrant communities and culture, to our heritage and arts sectors.

Our Mission

is to work collaboratively with disabled people, communities, public services and the arts sector to make our vision possible and to ensure that our communities grow stronger through a greater understanding of the differences and strengths of each individual person.


Arts Without Boundaries has been a registered charity since December 2018

Past and present supporters