A black and white picture of a man with short hair, wearing glasses and a exotic floral t-shirt playing the saxophone. Working as a music workshop leader.

Joe Browne

How long have I been associated with the charity?

I have been musical director of Band Without Boundaries since its conception in 2011

How I am involved in the charity:

I’m the musical director, which means I have the pleasure of watching my half-baked ideas being transformed into the wonderful compositions and arrangements that the members of the band create and perform.


Rugby, cricket, books, films

My background:

I am a musician and music leader. I try to help others get as much pleasure from making music as I do.

What attracted me to working with Arts Without Boundaries: I had led various kinds of musical various groups before but had never worked with an inclusive ensemble. It sounded like an interesting challenge at the time but I had no idea how thrilling and joyous a project I was getting myself into, or indeed how much it would evolve over the years into the magnificent orchestra that it has become