A man wearing a white shirt and sun glasses, sporting short cherry blonde hair. Working as a music workshop leader.

Alex Ribchester

How long have I been associated with the charity?

I have been a band workshop leader since 2017.

How I am involved in the charity:

I direct and support the percussion section of the band and occasionally lead the band with song writing sessions and rehearsals.

My background:

My background has always been teaching drums and working with large groups of musicians. I have also performed and recorded with a number of bands and artists.

What attracted me to working with Arts Without Boundaries:

Teaming up with everyone at BwB was a very easy decision. I have always been attracted to working with aspiring musicians and I also had a second passion, which was supporting young people with autism and learning difficulties. Working with BwB seemed like and is the perfect amalgamation of two of the things I love to do.


Outside of music and teaching I have a number of interests. I love to cook and go to restaurants, I am a big fan of movies and video games, and more recently (the last 5 years or so) I have really gotten in to snowboarding and skiing.